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Moto assistant PLUS

What additional functions Moto assistant PLUS has?

Pay in €

Prodejní formulář je vytvořen v systému

Pay in USD

Prodejní formulář je vytvořen v systému

What are the next steps?

  • in your order you fill in your name and email
  • after payment is processed, your data (name, email, variable symbol) is saved into database
  • then you can start Moto assistant, go to Help > Enter licence info and then fill in your email and variable symbol (same as order number)
  • After this Moto assistant will check your data in database and if everything will be fine, PLUS version will be unlocked and license file will be saved to your HDD
    • remember: Moto assistant needs internet connection for licence check to be successful (this is required only once)

How long will be bonus functions available to me?

For this price you’ll get every subversions of bought Moto assistant PLUS version (every PLUS version starting with same number as you bought).

If you buy for example Moto assistant PLUS v. 2.0, you’ll get also Moto assistant PLUS v. 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc.

What is Moto assistant PLUS?

It is still Moto assistant. The only difference is that it has some additional (bonus) functions. These bonus functions should make app more valuable and make your life easier.

Why? Because developer of this app is only human and as every human he needs to do something for living.

Advantages of Moto assistant PLUS (see video above)

Which additional functions are part of Moto assistant PLUS?

  • treeviews (refueling/trips/expenses/incomes)
    • refueling/trips grouped by year and month
    • expenses/incomes grouped by category
  • grouped log book export to Excel
    • trips grouped by year and month
  • export to PDF
  • customizable PDF export
    • customized by template, which defines exported data
  • customizable print
    • customized by template, which defines printed data
  • drivers and vehicles comparison
    • compare different vehicles/drivers data (např. compare all vehicles consumption, compare time of all drivers spent on trips etc.)
  • styles (change of app appearance)
    • quick and easy change of apperance
  • automatic updates
    • Moto assistant automatically downloads and installs only needed parts of application
    • you don’t have to manually check for new versions
    • you don’t have to downlod whole setup file and install it every time an update is available
  • and number of benefits will grow