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Moto assistant PLUS

Monitor vehicle consumption, track running costs and a lot more. Simply.

Moto assistant was made for simple tracking of vehicle’s consumption and running costs.

Over time, from basic application Moto assistant became more complex with lot of additional functions that will come in handy for every driver/car/motorbike owner.

Yet complex, but still easy to use.

Preview of some basic functions

Moto assistant in a nutshell

  • tracking consumption (km/l, MPG)
  • tracking expenses and incomes (including balance)
    • currency is up to you
  • tracking vehicle maintenance (including reminders)
  • tracking repairs (+ connection with expenses)
  • archivation of documents
  • log book
  • statistics
  • graphs
  • vehicles comparison
  • drivers comparison
  • export (Excel/CSV/TXT/HTML/PDF)
  • import (CSV)
  • list views
  • tree views
  • advanced searching and filtering possibilities
  • automatic data consistency checking
  • printing
  • styles (simple change of application appearance)
  • and this all and a lot more you get without need to install any database engines (or similar crap)
  • freeware
  • multilanguage
    • current languages: EN / CZ / SK
    • other languages (translations) can be added (contact me)
  • and lot of other stuff that makes Moto assistant unique and easy to use

Moto assistant was developed with users in mind. You can use this app even if you don’t know anything about computers. Or we hope so 🙂

App is freeware, so download it and use it as you wish 🙂

What’s new in Moto assistant v. 2

  • faster data read
  • better work with columns in refueling table
    • move columns freely (changing order)
    • show/hide any column you like
  • faster export to Excel (everywhere)
  • grouped log book export to Excel (Moto assistant PLUS)
    • group by year and month
  • export to PDF (Moto assistant PLUS)
  • customizable PDF export (Moto assistant PLUS)
    • customized by template, which defines exported data
  • customizable print (Moto assistant PLUS)
    • customized by template, which defines printed data
  • better handling of odometer exchange
    • better check runs
  • better automatic updates (Moto assistant PLUS)
    • download automatically only relevant data without need to run setup
  • repair record can be connected up to 5 expenses records
  • manual database backup can have specific label (entered by user)
  • manual (user) database backups are separated from automatic backups
  • better check runs
  • styles (Moto assistant PLUS)
    • change application appearance
  • prepared for high resolution monitors
    • best high resolution results with Windows 10
  • database from Moto assistant v. 2 cannot be read by older versions of Moto assistant (v. 1.x)
    • due to newer Firebird 3 database
  • lots of small changes, improvements and bugfixes